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Tiaga Slatted Wood Freestanding or Surface Mounted Privacy Screen Kit (1 Panel) (73.5in H X 36in W)

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The specs

  • $159.99
  • EC18030
  • 73.5in H X 36in W
  • 74.5in x 15.5in x 2.5in
  • 25lb


  • You will receive 1 panel with your purchase. Please note primary image displays multiple purchased panels. Purchase as many as necessary to beautify your space!
  • Each screen can be assembled for a freestanding or surface mounted application; For wood: must purchase (4) 1/4” lag screws that are 3” in length; For concrete: must purchase (4) 1/4" concrete wedge anchors that are 2 1/4” in length
  • Our patented privacy screen and convertible foot bracket allow for an aesthetically pleasing screen that is also versatile in its application
  • Check out this video to learn more about our Tiaga and Sierra freestanding or surface mounted screens
  • Each screen measures 73 1/2in H x 36in W
  • Use the freestanding feet or surface mount your screen to partition off indoor or outdoor living spaces like a patio, backyard, balcony, outdoor porch, seating area, and more!
  • In this video our team demonstrates how to reapply stain to your wood fence or privacy screen to keep it looking brand new!
  • We also have a similar louvered screen available
  • Each purchase comes with smooth, finished slats making the DIY assembly safe and easy to handle.
  • The slatted screen design enhances your space and creates more privacy
  • The privacy screen only weighs 25 lbs. This allows for quick and easy assembly
  • Do not mount privacy screen to pavers, bricks, or asphalt. Surface mounting should only be done with concrete and wood surfaces
  • The screen’s wood feet come with a rubber pad to elevate the wood foot, with no ground contact the wood feet last longer without discoloration
  • If you’d like to paint this product. It can be painted any color besides black, sanding the product prior to painting will yield the most even coating
  • Transparent or semi-transparent exterior stains will maintain the natural wood look, while solid stains will cover more of the natural wood grain. If the product goes longer than recommended without staining, it will need to be sanded and may require a semi-solid or solid stain
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