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How Much Height Do I Need?

Most people choose a privacy screen based on the height of what they are trying to cover. Confusion often arises from trash bin sizes which vary between municipalities. Some people don't mind if their trash bin peeks over the top of their screen, and some people do. If you do mind, read on for tips on how to avoid this.

Not All Trash Bins are Created Equal

The largest- and perhaps most common- size of residential trash bins are 96 gallons. These bins are 44in tall. If you want full coverage of your trash bin, you will need to chose a privacy screen that is taller than 44in. If you plan to put your trash bin on pavers, you will want a little extra screen height to accommodate for the elevation that pavers will give your trash bin.

If you find a privacy screen that you love that isn't quite tall enough, in some cases you can dig your ground out 1-2in, put pavers down, and elevate the screen slightly on install. For aesthetic purposes, you may want to plant some shrubs to hide the exposed ground anchors. Bear in mind that you should not install the screen's ground anchors too shallow into the ground or you could harm the product's integrity. You don't want your screen to fall over! Feel free to call our customer care team for more specific details.

Important tip

To ensure your expectations are met, always measure the height of what you are trying to cover before choosing your screen. Even if you are certain you have a 96 gallon bin, you should still measure the height just to be on the safe side.

Below is a visual guide showing the height of the our Charleston Wood Slat Privacy Screen in relation to common trash bin sizes. To see more visuals like this, view the image reel of the product you are considering.

96 Gal. 29.75 in x 43.5 in

64 Gal. 24.25 in x 41.75 in

48 Gal. 23.5 in x 37.5 in

Need help with sizing?

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