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What Makes a Great Install

When covering trash bins, you may want to give a little extra time and attention to your privacy screen install and placement. Although you can assemble your screens and quickly stab them into the ground, we believe that with a bit of extra work, you can bring your privacy screens to the next level. This will also add more curb appeal to your home when they are visible from the street.

How to Make Your Trash Bin Enclosures Look Great


Pavers help level the area and will make your enclosed area more functional. When wheeling trash bins in and out, you do not want to get stuck on clumps of mulch or dirt. A full trash bin can get very heavy and difficult to handle!

To create a paver pad, lay out your desired privacy screen footprint and place pavers within the area that will be enclosed. Choose the paver option that suits your style. You can lay a bed of gravel, mulch, or dirt and place your pavers on top. Alternately you can lay them on the grass or ground and fill the gaps with gravel or mulch. The trick is to use a level to ensure that your paver pad is as level as possible. You'll want to take as much time as you need to accomplish this. You'll be glad you did when you are wheeling your trash bins in and out on a weekly basis!

Square pavers make a sturdy pad with full coverage. This application shows the EC18001 Lincoln Privacy Screen (Cedar).

Prism pavers make an artistic looking pad with less coverage. This application shows the EC18003 Bedford Screen Kit (Cedar).


This one can be more difficult to create, so often it's ideal to choose the location for your bins off an existing path or walkway. This is less important for hiding AC screens and much more important for trash bins that can get heavy and need to be wheeled to the road. A nice path that provides an entry and exit to your enclosed area is not only functional, but will also will make your project look more finished.

This install was placed next to a walkway for ease of getting trash bins in and out of the enclosure. Some Home Owner's Associations require bins to be next to the house, so make sure you check requirements before installation! This application shows the EC18003 Bedford Screen Kit (Cedar).


You don't need to go crazy with landscaping around your screen, but a few plants or planters will add a bit of flair to that space. The ideal is to choose perennials that require very little maintenance as planters can be easy to forget about beside the house where they are not as viisble.


Shrubs and flowers spruce up this area. From the road, no one would even realize there are trash bins lurking behind. This application shows the ZP19047 Highland Vinyl Privacy Lattice Screen Kit.

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