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Belmont Freestanding Lattice Screen w/ Planter Box (45 1/2in H x 42in W x 11 1/4in L)

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The specs

  • $210.00
  • EC18005
  • 45 1/2in H x 42in W x 11 1/4in L
  • 46in x 11in x 8in
  • 29lb


  • The lattice screen is 45 1/2” H x 42” W, while the planter box is 7 1/4” H x 42” W x 14 7/8” L
  • Beautiful and stylish, this screen is perfect for residential usage such as patios and decks, or to hide unsightly yard items such as AC units and pool pumps, or for commercial usage such as restaurants and cafes.
  • For a sizing guide, please refer to image 3
  • Functional and stylish! Fill your planter box with plants or flowers to beautify your space!
  • Your planter box will hold approximately 24 quarts of soil and we recommend putting gravel in the bottom, in addition to soil, for a total weight of 25lbs
  • The lattice screen provides an elegant look while also supporting any type of climbing plants that may be growing in the planter box
  • No digging or cement required! This lattice screen with attached planter box is freestanding.
  • Crafted from weather resistant, professional grade vinyl with a 10-year warranty. Won't crack, warp, yellow, splinter, or rot; no painting, staining, or maintaining required
  • Assembly is required. Please allow for 45 minutes of assembly time for the screen and planter box.
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