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What is WoodTek?

Our revolutionary WoodTek material is a proprietary, exclusive composite vinyl blend that offers the look of wood but without the maintenance. These products are extruded much like traditional vinyl is, then finished with a special embossing and sanding process which makes it look and feel like authentic wood.

1. WoodTek offers the look of authentic wood without the maintenance hassles.

When you want an authentic and rustic look but don't have time to paint, stain and maintain, WoodTek is the right choice for you.

2. WoodTek is lightweight and durable which makes it easier to handle and install.

Traditional wood and composite materials can be very heavy and difficult to handle. WoodTek's unique blend is lightweight which makes handling the product much easier. This is especially important during assembly and installation. Despite the light weight, the product is very durable and designed for outdoor use in the elements.

3. WoodTek comes with a 10 year warranty, which means it has staying power.

Because we are so confident in the longevity of our WoodTek products, we are pleased to offer a 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects such as discoloring or cracking.

4. Longevity Means Sustainability.

Although plastics have a dark side environmentally, we look at the big picture when talking about sustainability. The production of vinyl has a lower carbon footprint than many alternative materials. Although it's true that wood is likely the most environmentally friendly choice, when you consider the harsh chemicals used to treat wood, additional to how quickly the product can rot, our WoodTek products have staying power. Because of this, we believe that this is a sustainable choice- assuming, of course, you purchase your screen to last at least 10 years.

WoodTek involves a unique manufacturing process that utilizes sanding and embossing. This makes the products look and feel like wood, but with less maintenance and less bulk.

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