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Installing in a Straight Line As Opposed to Corners

Can I Install the Screens in a Straight Line as Opposed to at a Right Angle?

You may, but please note that the no-dig stakes are designed to work only when the screens are installed at a right angle to each other. If you wish to install the privacy screens in a straight line you have 2 options:

  1. Cement the posts into the ground to ensure the screens are stable and secure, much like you would traditionally install a fence. We would also advise that you bury the posts as low as possible into the ground so the bottom rail is either touching the ground or very close.
  2. If you wish to preserve the semi-permanent nature of your privacy screen, purchase rebar that is 36in-48in tall. Sleeve 12in-24in or more rebar in the posts and drive 18in-24in in the ground if installing in a straight line. Please call our customer care department for more details. Please note that once you drive the pipe into the ground, that while it is possible to remove it, it is difficult to do so.

This customer installed multiple ZP19008 Wilmington Privacy Screens in a straight line. Provided the posts are cemented into the ground for stability, this solution should work well long-term.

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