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Assembly Required

High Value Product Means Assembly Required

We strive to design "high-value" products. This means we aim to create kitted products that look great, perform for the long haul, and are priced affordably.

To accomplish this, our products are more like Ikea and less like a furniture store. In other words, to bring you the best price, we need to package our product in a box as small as possible. While this is great for having your product delivered right to your door via FedEx or UPS, the downside is that it can result in a fair bit of assembly.

We strive to make our installation guides the best in the industry. Our customer care team is always happy to help answer any assembly or installation guide questions. Although we package our boxes as carefully as possible, if a part comes missing or damaged, we have made it as easy as possible to order replacement parts.

Click here to see a video showing what kind of experience you can expect with your Enclo Screen. This product is a ZP19036 Huntersville Privacy Screen which was originally branded in our Zippity Outdoor Products line.

With an Enclo Privacy Screen, we are with you every step of the way- from ordering to assembly. If you have questions or need help, our customer care team is always willing to help. Email or call today.

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